Saturday, March 16, 2013

Boston Flower Show

As I sit here exhausted, I wonder how the hell I got here. Oh wait I went to a flower show. Yes, a flower show has left me so thoroughly exhausted I'm not even sure I could stay up to write this blog, and its only 7:30pm. My feet are sore and blistered, my back hurts (like always), and my head is wondering why I'm still up. BUT it was a good day. Everything seemed to align from the trains arriving just on time, to having no line when we walked up, to my Aunt getting a refund for our extra tickets.

whoa cleavage!
As always we get there moments after the doors open and for once there wasn't a giant line waiting for us. We walked right in, turned left and started in the vendors, because why not! The three of us are always notorious for spending way too much at these events, but we are always very happy with our purchases. One booth in particular we always stop at, Nature's Creations, which has the more gorgeous jewelry. What they do is take leaves and flowers and other natural things and bronze them. Then from there they gold or silver plate them, or in the case of my leaf they paint them cool colors. My dogwood flower I got last year. Another cool thing they do each year is that they reward anyone who has been a customer before. All you have to do is wear your previous purchases (and usually buy something new) but you'll get a free gift. This year was a gold plated trio of small dogwoods. The gift easily was worth $50 or so, so we were all very pleased to get it for free plus it was very pretty. Last year they gave us a gold plated four leaf clover. My mother found a one of a kind lily of the valley, that they literally only had one of and she snatched it up without thinking twice.

This show definitely tends to favor the vendors over the past few years more than the actual flower displays, however there are still plenty to look at between shopping at the various awesome vendors. They have various amateur contests where people are challenged to create flower displays or artwork based on a theme. This year they had hats and jewelry made completely of plant based materials. But they always have pretty awesome displays and plants that look straight from alien worlds. This event happens every year and anyone that has a yard, garden, windowsill, or big dreams of pretty flowers needs to go and check it out. Its great for kids, adult, and the elderly alike. I know I look forward to it every year and you should to!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Drinking & Painting at the Flower Show

This week I managed to win tickets to the Boston Flower & Garden Show on Mix 104.1. Not only did I get a pair of tickets to the Flower Show I also won the chance to go to a Painting Class courtesy of The Urban Art Bar. Now I didn't have an idea what I was getting into, but I must say the whole experience was quite fun even though I was by myself. They gave us wine samples from The Naked Grape before we sat down to start our paintings. They opened up with Kennedy greeting us from Mix 104.1 and the Karson & Kennedy Morning Show.  She was just as excited as the rest of us to get down and paint our works of masterful art! I have painted since art class in High School and I remembered how much I enjoyed doing it then and I was hoping my art bug would catch again tonight.

We started with a blank canvass sitting in front of us, brand new and waiting for our strokes of genius to make it into something we could hang proudly in our home. Our instructor literally went step by step making this the easiest possible experience for us. It could only be easier if it was paint by numbers. We started with learning the five different brushes, or at least what they called them to make it easier on us - Big Brush, Little Brush, Filbert, Other Brush, and Baby Brush. Then we mixed colors, stroked back and forth with the big brush making a glorious back drop to our stunning vase of flowers. My neighbor, someone from Mix 104.1, was having quite a few issues with his painting. He kept sighing and grunting and putting his head in his hands when he would compare his work to others. At one point I told him to stop cheating by looking at mine, which he laughed at. I tried to give him a few pointers here and there, then he eventually gave up and made his vase into a football which he definitely knew how to do.

From there we took a quick wine break, you know, to let the paint dry... before moving onto actually creating the elegant vase in which our flowers would live. The nice thing about this painting lesson that The Urban Art Bar does is that they show you how to re-create famous works of art, but they don't require you to do exactly what the painting is. Instead they encourage you to make it your own. Our instructor showed us how to make the vase in the original Van Gogh Sunflowers painting (the art we were 're-creating') but as you can see from the pictures we all did what we wanted. As well as once we got to the actual flowers only a few in the room actually did sunflowers, most of us did various types of flowers. It was the flower show after all, we were encouraged to take inspiration from the flowers around us! I mostly just painted until it started looking like some sort of flower than said it was that. Mine eventually became roses.

And what I eventually took away from this is that even when life throws a crappy ass week at you, you can have something cool happen like win tickets to a fun event. And even though I couldn't find anyone to go with me I decided to get out there anyway. I don't need to have someone go with me to everything, I can be strong and independent and make art dammit. I must say that doing this class has definitely re-awakened my love of painting. I had completely forgotten how much I loved to paint in High School. I took every possible art class offered and was almost always at least 5 assignments ahead of everyone else. In one art class my teacher had to make up assignments for me because I literally finished everything in her planner for the whole semester. I would always have one of the largest art installations in our school art shows. And I guess I don't know why I never kept it up. I think life got in the way of things I enjoy, and 13 years later I realize somethings I should try to bring back into my life. Hopefully in the future you'll see more artwork from me either from going to The Urban Art Bar or from working on things on my own. Either way I definitely recommend this business for a fun night out and really want to thank Kennedy & Mix 104.1 for making my week less crappy.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Day Another Blog

Yes I have created a third blog. I realized that I had two food blogs but I had no where for me to write about all the other stuff I do. Like places I go, people I see, fun things I experience. So here it is, another blog for me to ramble on about the nonsense I put myself through.

I'm a chef, who because of injury has been forced to get a less stressful job that doesn't require me to stand on my feet 8 hours a day. So I have started working recently at my sister's dog walking company, Happy Pet Care, where I'm the Office Manager and get to play with dogs and cats all day. In my spare time I write on my two other blogs (and hopefully this one too), Chef on a Diet and Kat's Divine Comedy. And if you couldn't tell my now my name is Kat, short for Kathleen. I live in Boston, I own a dog who I make wear bandannas to celebrate various holidays, and when there isn't a holiday she wears cool ones like the leopard print one she's wearing in the picture. That's Stifler next to her, he's my sister's cat, we live together.

This coming week I have a bunch of cool things I'm doing. I'm going to the Boston Flower & Garden Show not once, but twice. I'm going on Saturday with my Mom and Aunt, but yesterday I got a call from Mix 104.1 that I won tickets to the Flower Show and its a special thing because I get to hang out with Kennedy and drink and paint and have a girl's night out in general. Then on Sunday its St. Patrick's Day in Boston (and everywhere else too) and that's a huge event here, and my Mom is running the 5k in Southie before the parade. I ran last year with her as well but I am under doctor's orders to do NOTHING high impact. Yoga and Pilates are too high impact for me right now. Then that same day my Mom, Best Friend Tina, and I are partaking in Restaurant Week at Golden Temple in Brookline followed by a movie night of wine drinking. And then lastly on Wednesday I'll be live Tweeting (@kat_meagher) at The Theater Offensive's big event, ClimACTS! Unbound.

Now my goal is to write a blog about each of these events. We'll see if that happens...